Some of my most recent work

A quick visual update to what I have been doing.

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Shotlister - the Idea is becoming reality

The idea of being able to digitize the entire film making process - that is; writing, shot-listing, scheduling, designing, shooting and then editing - is happening. Here is an APP that gets us closer. SHOTLISTER

Official Description

Shot lister is the only truly profesional shot listing app in the world. Filmmakers can take that crumbled piece of paper out of their back pockets and touch the digital future of shot listing. Now, instead of scribbling over printed out spreadsheets from a week ago, filmmakers can get back on track with a flick of a finger.

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The Noir Collective

The Noir Collective is up, running and is XOOL!

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Wolwedans Behind the Scenes

The film is in post production and my editor, Quinn Lubbe, is as excited about the pictures as I am. Last week I watched the rough cut of the first 45min minutes (which still stands at 80 minutes in the rough cut). Werner has posted our first 4 behind the scenes videos onto our Youtube channel. Werner edited two and our resident German Herbie, who also made two videos.

The pictures are coming together and I am happily not loosing my mind!

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Lights and Camera

I’ve been trying to figure out how best to express the goings on involved in making this film. I thought that recounting the day’s events would be the obvious means of doing so, but I found that it became a “Today we did this, this and this” affair, a form that both the reader and writer would tire of quickly. Instead, what I’ve done is observe and collect little character notes on those who I work with, letting the information build up and settle. It is from this base that I hope to describe life on this crazy shoot, and hopefully describe a coherent picture of a remarkable group of people. I’ve seen what it is that keeps them in a film industry that struggles with budget constraints and work overload. I’ve landed in an environment that is lush with incredible characters; I don’t know whether or not I’ll be able to write about everyone – I don’t often get to interact with all the crew – but I’ll try, and see how far I can succeed. As a result, I’ll start at the easiest place, and let time draw me out of my writing shell.

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The Pictures We Take Don’t Resolve, They Only Reflect

James Stent looks at Film Noir, German Expressionism, and how Wolwedans in die Skemer has taken inspiration from these movements.

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Wolwedans Location Recce

This week James has joined me on our location/technical recce to Hazyview where we hope to shoot most, if not all, of the film. We where told that there is a heat wave on it’s way but so far so good! We spent the day yesterday at Casa do Sol, the hotel where the story actually takes place. Although James wrote this post yesterday there isn’t much of the internet here in Hazyview, apparently someone is still posting the web here and it hasn’t arrived! ;)

Read well, and do Write back!

From me ~ Cheers.

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Wolwedans in die Skemer

Welcome back. Its been too long and so much has happened! I’m actually directing a film! BOOM! Its a noir-thriller but my D.O.P. Tom came to me with a suggestion of genre: Boere-Noir. Brilliant!

Considering I launched Read/Write to become a place of reference and hopefully some insight I am really excited at documenting this process of making a full length feature for cinema. I am four weeks away from shooting and many of the elements are now in place. I have all my lead cast; we will chat more about this in a later post, crew for shooting and post and most of my locations. We are shooting on the Sony F3 (hopefully at 4.4.4) for 5 weeks.

The team is very passionate and my actors are all incredible. This is truly going to be a crazy/magnificent journey.

To help me document this journey I have a genius with me. I have known James for many a year and couldn’t be more chuffed when he agreed to come up from Cape Town to be my research assistant on this picture. I have no doubt he will entertain and inform ya’ll as we go along. You will quickly see that here is a writer in the making…. so, without further ado:

An introduction: I am James Stent, boy wonder and Jozua Malherbe’s research assistant on the shoot of Wolwedans in die Skemer, the Boere-Noir feature film that he is directing. My brief is simple; I do whatever Jozua tells me to do. In this case, he has tasked me with writing the first blog posts about the Wolwedans in die Skemer process.

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I will be following up this post with some more Hitchcock later on so consider this a tease. Here are two great videos talking about techniques and themes that make up a film with a 99% rating in rotten tomatoes… OMG..99% just saying.

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10 story types

I have previously blogged (meh) about SAVE THE CAT. A great screen writing hand book written by Blake Snyder. The man has unfortunately passed, however, his work is still practical and insightful. Once you begin to unpack a script you might find that they way in which you unpack it is unlike the way your pitch audience has. And if you realize this too late you have already lost the pitch.

Roby Stancel emailed me this today. Although I like the simplicity I think it overlooks a little too much, in film at least.
For your convenience I googled the 10 story types for you so that you can simply copy/paste/print and put it up on your wall. I got this list from TV TROPES

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Dreamers Draft 3. And now?!

Writing is hard. Like you dont know that already. While I just got some amazing feedback on our third draft of Dreamers I dread having to write the next draft, I would almost rather jog. Not quite.

PLUS read 5 pages of our script!

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Fractured Media

As well as offering the audience a chance to participate with as little friction as possible we need to fracture our content and intercept audiences.

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Before Memories Fade

Image from Tim Young

Last year was full as per usual and I may have seen a trillion different pieces of media. This post a collection of the good stuff. Neatly packaged for you thanks to Youtube, Grooveshark and Amazon. We are steadily getting our filing systems in order amongst the chaos that is the internet

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Amazon Studio

Although not “hot off the press” it is still pretty cool and worth noting! Amazon Studios will not “make” you but they may buy you a house in Camps Bay and that is good enough for me!

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Save the Cat

The last book on screenwriting you will ever need.” And thats whats on the cover!

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Superhelde Movie

This post is about Superhelde, a film that I had the pleasure of working on. I wrote a little blurb about it while shooting but thought it is worth a lot more when yesterday I went through my Flikr collections and found on-set pictures amongst them. A brilliantly funny film in the vein of Mallrats, Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre and Bakgat.

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A Hitch Hiking Documentary


The first Episode is about to be complete. Since working on the marketing and media sponsors for this project I have been busy in Johannesburg shooting on a TV series. Marc and Beer have been handling the post within UCT Campus and I am looking forward to seeing the project for the first time.

We’ve been able to secure a great collection of media sponsors. The next drive is toward advertising spots within these media channels.

The documentary will follow two guys as they (you guessed it) hitch-hike across South Africa during the World Cup. Along the way they will be meeting crazy, funny, interesting and hopefully opinionated people including a Rasta Community in the Transkei, a soccer team in PE and meet with the guy who drove the the Magic Bus in the 70’s…

Visit our Blog and join us on the trip through FB

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It’s always been about Hybrid

Distributing pictures and making a decent return has always been a multi-diciplinary project. In the 80’s it was about making ancillary-products, 90’s VHS and DVD and now? This online game has thrown everybody and so the innovators try and fail, the cynics sit on the fence and say it will never work and alot of us hope for the best.

From a great new site I found called Magnet Media. I’ve used again only excerpts so check it out for yourself.

The Panel was: Efe Cakarel, Graham Leggat, Peter Becker, Sara Pollack

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The return of Zombie

Its all been Vampires lately, Zombies are soon back and they mean more to us than we give them credit for.

I’ve been researching Zombie flicks over the last little while and have now had the pleasure of watching Zach Sniders “Dawn of the dead” (which is a superbly crafted narrative) and Norwegian recent called “Dead Snow” - a gory romp of Nazi Zombies in snow, its amazing!

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$100K Paramount Plan

I heard late last year (post the Paranormal Activity phenomenon) that a studio was going to start a devision to produce a slew of $100K features. 20 a year to be exact, which is a lousy $2 milj a year. Thats about the make-up budget on a normal studio picture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hardly criticizing, I think its a great idea and more than that it goes to show that we as independents are onto something that the studio wants. Every time we make a film we walk that line of break-throuhg VS failure and that makes us innovative and highly creative.

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