And now for something completely different….

The idea and execution of open-source has mostly been linked with online participation regarding coding of applications and then further into re-mixing content. However, this philosophy has never really spilled into the “real world” until now. I found this great story on Boing Boing.

Your next piece of designer furniture could cost less than an Ikea chair—as long as you’re willing to make it yourself. Taking a cue from the Linux community and file-sharing services, Berlin-based design guru Ronen Kadushin has started a furniture free-for-all he calls Open Design. It allows crafty consumers to download the instructions, photos, and AutoCAD files needed to knock off his work.

Kadushin’s tables, chairs, and shelves sell for upwards of $5,000 each, but he’s as interested in sharing ideas as in making a profit. Everything on Kadushin’s Web site ( is free for use under a Creative Commons license. And far from being an artistic tyrant, he hopes you’ll customize his pieces. You’ll just need access to a large computer-controlled router or laser cutter (depending on what you’re building) to realize the digital forms in wood or metal. All Kadushin asks is that you be creative with your mods—oh, and maybe send him a picture of the finished product.

Click here for further instructions.


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