To celebrate the release of Lawrence Lessig’s book REMIX, Bloomsbury Acedemic has offered a competition to Remix any of Lessig’s work. The remix could be in form of Video, graphic or written. By taking a talk that LL does for example and mashing it you enter the comp. Post your new creation on the Facebook page and you’ve entered.

Prizes include a signed copy of the book and a $300 voucher for any Bloomsbury Academic books. Let me know if you post anything and let the voting begin!!

I read REMIX in the states and it was part responsible for the inspiration to start this site. It really is a great book and worth anyone interested in media, culture, technology and the internet!

This is the official Face book page invite / To Celebrate the Creative Commons launch of Lawrence Lessig’s new book, Remix: Making art and commerce thrive in the hybrid economy.

Bloomsbury Academic are hosting a contest and asking you to remix any of Professor Lessig’s work!
The Contest will run as follows:

May 1st-May 31st Submission of Remixes

How to submit a remix?
Remixes may be in the following formats

Text (300 words or less)
Video (3 minutes max)
Photo (No offensive images, please)

No entry may be submitted that violates any copyright law

To be considered for entry, remixes must be posted onto this event’s wall with a unique name and title.
Videos and photos must be uploaded
Text submissions must be posted straight onto the wall.
All remixes must originate from Professor Lessig (i.e. a piece of his work or an interview he has given)

Don’t forget to put a Creative Commons license on your work!

June 1st- June 30th Voting
How to Vote?
Voting will begin June 1st, an application for voting will be added to the Bloomsbury Academic Fan Page at this time.
Voting will close on June 30th

The winner will be notified via Facebook on July 31st.
Facebook Event

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