Within South Africa’s vast cultural landscape and little communication between each space there is little surprise when I read that there is a budding Venda Film Industry in South Africa. Much like the Nollywood film scene these are low to no budget films using friends and family as actors and the films generally deal with everyday issues.

The films are predominantly comedies and the film makers all have other jobs (obviously) in Johannesburg. Apparently they make back their money within the first month of release which is all straight to DVD. The NFVF has averaged SA films industry at about 9 films a year with approx R8milj budget. This average I suspect is based on theater release and does not account for the these sort of films that are actually building a film community on a grass roots level.

I do have a thought about the production of these films: Why has a rich investor, or smart producer, not taken R1milj and produced 10 such films to made a neat profit over a year.
If anyone does end up doing this please let me know!

Thanks TVSA