AARGH. After losing the battle in April I thought the worst was over, even believing the chatter that French parlaiment wont be able to try again. Alas, French Gov has just passed and signed a law that would cut-off ISP users who frequently download illegal torrents. The user will however be forced to continue payment to the network supplier.

This is sad news for me but it does mean that hackers have a new frontier. Not that they dont have enough to do between DRM’s, bit torrents, software and all other digital media. We are at the core now. The government, your government, has taken the side of the corporate “giver” and will (regardless of justify-ability) cut you off from being able to read this blog or google your homework. It cuts deep!

I know Australia recently tried a similar ploy but got shot-down by the people. How long before the battle lines are drawn, will there even be a fight?!

The French government has succeeded in getting its Internet privacy law through the National Assembly, reversing an embarrassing defeat in April when too few government supporters turned out to vote during the Easter vacation season.

Asked a second time on Tuesday, a packed Assembly supported the law by 296 votes to 233. France’s upper house, the Senate, is expected to approve the law today.

The law will require French Internet service providers to cut connections to customers who persistently download pirated material. Suspensions will last from three months to a year, with the disconnected surfer obliged to continue paying service charges.

Companies caught by the law may avoid suspension if they adopt security measures to prevent further illegal downloads. A government agency is to be created to track down suspected offenders and inform ISPs.

From Variety