Applications; we lack many of them on but despite our small(er) buying community the application industry is growing. Like every good corporate giant, only once the new thing is making (lots of) money will they start investing. I love the bit where Warner spokes person mentions that they (Warner) wanted to roll out 40 applications in 2009….40, only…bah.

I guess application building is not a Warner core business, and soon distribution also wont be (read Pirate Bay tee-he) but at least their taking their time to figure out where they stand in all this new-media, we are all to old and boxed in to think outside any box without labels and will just slow down the world’s media until we get CEO’s who actually owned a computer before they started working…space.

It must be tough to have so much risk and see everything changing and the corporate haters rising..However I digress.

Here is the article from Variety about Warner moving into Application…ooooh.

We’re more than just a film studio,” Bohn said. “We’ve established ourselves in the physical world; now we’re trying to do the same in the digital world.”

Warner has developed and released about 15 apps so far and is planning to have a total of 40 out by the end of the year. Some will come from its theatrical unit and Warner Interactive, others by outside developers.

Warner is not alone among studios developing apps around film properties. Paramount just released “Star Trek” comic book apps with iVerse, in addition to its “Top Gun” and other movie-related game apps. Sony has an “Angels and Demons” game app, and Disney put out a Fairies game app last year tied to its DVD premiere release, “Tinker Bell.”

The studio also is considering animated episodic video apps and other apps built around Warner brands, Bohn said.Bohn said the studio is positioning itself as an end-to-end app distributor capable of doing everything from developing the app to getting approval from Apple to sell it in the App Store to marketing it.

Part of the appeal for developers in partnering with Warner, Bohn said, is the studio’s relationship with Apple.”It’s difficult [for developers] to have a direct call into Apple,” Bohn said. “We spend time talking with them weekly, if not daily.”

Also appealing is Warner’s marketing muscle, which it is using to differentiate its apps through social media marketing, print and TV advertisements, and for movie apps, trailers on DVDs.

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