I bitched so badly when I heard that Focus features have a script competition and no-one was talking about it. I am glad I did. Many readers of Readwrite are now entering that competition and that’s awesome! It no only forces each one of us to raise the bar and compete with one another but it automagically then puts a spotlight on our writers who do make it. All of this is great news!

Having just logged onto FB I saw Richard Lackey has posted a note with some screenplay submissions. So here they are for your usage - Enter and win!

The Kairos Prize
50 000 dollars prize for spiritually uplifting screenplays with a redemptive world view.
Kairos Prize

One In Ten Screenplay Contest
is open to all writers and offers cash awards and industry contacts to the winners. A requirement of the competition is that at least one of the primary characters in the screenplay be gay or lesbian (bisexual, transgender, questioning, and the like) and that gay and lesbian characters must be portrayed positively. All writers are encouraged to enter!
Deadline for entering is September 1, 2009.
Winners announced on November 15, 2009.

Screenplay shootout
Early Deadline July 31, 2009 - $40 Entry Fee
Regular Deadline September 26, 2009 - $50 Entry Fee
Late Deadline December 18, 2009 - $60 Entry Fee
WAB Deadline January 1, 2010 - $65 Entry Fee ($5 WAB Discount)

$5,000 Cash Prize,
Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 Suite
Script listing in InkTip Magazine
Script to be considered by top producers, managers, and agents.


Co write

Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.” Alexander Graham Bell

Cowrite is redefining screenwriting competitions by creating an open source type contest in which the end goal, like that of all individual aspiring screenwriters, is to write a great screenplay and then try to sell it and get it produced.

The Cowrite screenplay will be written collaboratively over the next six months by aspiring screenwriters. Every other week the best 10-15 page script entry selected by the Cowrite judges will be added to the developing screenplay and posted on the Cowrite website until the script is complete. At that point, one of the eleven winning screenwriters will be selected to do a paid rewrite of the script. Once the rewrite is finished, the team at management/production company Benderspink will give it a read and decide how they want to proceed. Where the screenplay will end up and if it will sell is anyone’s guess. But that’s the challenge. And that’s what makes it special. We’re all in this together, one big writing team trying to make a script sale and produce a Hollywood blockbuster.

The screenplay will be guided along by notes and general suggestions posted in The Producer’s Blog and The Pro’s Take. Feel free to adhere to the suggestions or ignore them completely. Truly, the main criteria for the Cowrite judges in deciding which script submission wins will be: Does it keep the reader wondering, “what happens next?”

So, if you’re ready to be a paid writer and want to be a part of the first potential community-created Hollywood blockbuster, check it out.


Remember we do advise everyone to copyright their work before submission, and these competitons do carry an entry fee.

Good Luck to all.