Gone are the days of “ag please daddy wont you take us to the drive-in..”, flat coke, stale popcorn amassed with MSG and mono sound out of a 5.1 surround system. Although still steeped in retro the Pink-Flamingo Cinema on top of Grand Daddy Hotel has gone posh.

The cinema will be showing classic cinema… Everything from “The Hudsucker Proxy” to “Breakfast at Tiffanys” and “Howls Moving Castle”, allowing any decerning movie goer (well at least those of you who have an account at DVD Nouveau) the pleasure of watching your favorite movies in style.

Kitted out with leather couches the movie experience is already satisfying and now add chilled refreshments and a kiosk that sells Toffee Apples, Candy Floss, Eskimo Pie and of coarse delicious butter popcorn. Tickets are sold at R50 a pop but include your choice of Pop-corn, candy floss or ice cream as well as a old skool styled candy cone.

What’s more is that you can book the entire place for R2500 for the night which will include drinks for your 35 guests. That sounds like a night out waiting to happen.

This is a great innovative new take on what cinema can be and can offer. What a great place to have your movie premier for example and at such a low cost to book the whole place a pitch session to investors in a classy environment is totally possible! Although seemingly quite pricey for broke film makers like me, when I do the math and its only R100 (me +1) for a evening of great movie and snacks its rather reasonable.

How flippen cool!

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Showing films that have stayed in a happy corner of our memories; The Pink Flamingo is part drive-in, part social event and part adventure. Set in the world’s only rooftop trailer park hotel, The Pink Flamingo celebrates the silver screen in a silver setting – right beneath the night sky.