These Pics where taken on-set of the latest film I’m working on as 1st Ad - SuperHelde. Its a teen comedy based in Johannesburg about a group of friends who fight to save their comic book store - many LOL.

The point of this little post though is to highlight what can be done with alot of passion, good planning and a super team of young film makers. Pre-production started in November last year with casting and director planning. Slowly the whole crew has been brought on board and given enough time to prep sufficiently. There never is enough time or money and everyone is taking a little cut in rates to make it happen however that has never deterred this team to make very day so far on time and delivering a top notch product.

The team really has pulled together over the last two weeks of shoot and even the director helps in the evening to wrap up gear or pack away chairs. All this has meant is proper turn around times for everyone and a feeling of ‘all for one-ness”… The team is predominantly pre-thirty which goes to show that age and experience (although great) is not the be-all-and-end-all of film making. This is a commercial film for cinema and as far as I can tell its going to be one of the funniest coming out of SA this year.

Follow the progress of the shoot on my Twitter or search #superhelde for trend.