Ok i confess he’s a good friend but also a freakin tech genius working out ways on how to make film-making easier for indie film makers. Besides having come up with some great business ideas regarding post production and finance he loves film, no you don’t understand, he owns his own 16mm and 35 film camera and actually still shoots on film. Beautiful.
Anyway, here is a snippet of one of his latest posts on why using film in a digital boom is still tops.

We all know that here and now, HD is the high-end standard for broadcast and home entertainment, and at 6% more resolution, 2K or 2048 x 1556 pixels is the best we get in the majority of digital cinemas. Here in South Africa, we currently finish to 2K for film recording.

What happens 10 years from now when 4K becomes the standard in cinema and in the home? This will happen, and if you’ve originated in HD, you’re out of luck, you will never ever have more than 1080 lines of image information.

If you’ve shot 35mm, or even 16mm film, you will be able to go back to the neg and rescan at 4K, even 8K from your EDL and reconform.

In a DI (Digital Intermediate) environment, your grade is all metadata, so if you’ve saved the project, the process should be a simple re-conform. This is part of the beauty of a high-end digital finish and metadata based, non-destructive tools.

Go and read the the rest of it here and remember to write what you think afterward!