Here is the advertising proposal. The story is the same but the technical aspects have shifted from the gear etc to our media partners and figures.

If you want to get involved contact us!

I’m using Issuu now. I love it. Here is an example of how I use it. Busy raising awareness for a hitch hiking documentary and I need to mail off proposals. Instead of trying to mail a 10mg file, I upload to Issuu and then email the link. Anyone can look at it, download it or embed it. Great eh!

The documentary will follow two guys as they (you guessed it) hitch-hike across South Africa during (and again) the World Cup. Along the way they will be meeting crazy, funny, interesting and hopefully opinionated people including a Rasta Community in the Transkei, a soccer team in PE and meet with the guy who drove the the Magic Bus in the 70’s…

Right now we’re looking for distribution and sponsorship.

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