In preparation to writing a Zombie screenplay I sat down night after night and watched Zombie movies. I have to admit that I am a recent convert to the “genre” but found a special place for it after a re-watch of Dawn of the Dead. After my endless Zombie nights and drawing timelines of every film I decided to break my script down into 18 chapters, consisting of 5 pages each. That gives a 90 minutes and is the average of a zombie film. This has been a great journey of discovering a genre however, I could have just read “Save the Cat“. The book is written in very conversationalist language (most of the book is a conversation between two Hollywood types) and breaks down the screenplay into its important segments. For example what story are you telling? According to Blake Snyder there are only about 10 types of films, note these are NOT genres. My zombie film is a Monster in the House tale.

This is sort of a plug for the book I guess, although Snyder aint paying me jack! My reason behind telling you about this book is simply that I am now using it as a reference guide so that when I am uncertain of a section in my film I just flip the book and find the answer. Funnily, what the book did for me was solidify my theories. I did after all break down each of the films I watched and used those skeletons to build my own narrative. Save the Cat just gave me language and symbols to explain what I felt was right. If

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