Post-modern, deconstruction, mosaic, fracture. These are words that I have been using in discussions with artists, web developers, writers and film makers about story telling, about narrative.

What the hell am I talking about!? As well as offering the audience a chance to participate with as little friction as possible we need to fracture our content and intercept audiences.

Fractured Media. Let’s do another scenario shall we. a Movie.
A movie starts with an idea, that idea is summarized and written. Then we go through the process of making a film, completing the film, marketing the film and then if all goes well, selling and distributing the film. Now along the way within every process there is an opportunity to create media, to create content. The script meeting can be recorded, that is content. The script notes and research material becomes content if scanned and packaged. The pictures of potential locations become media content. I think you get the point here. Every recorded piece of the process has the potential to be packaged and then sold or distributed giving the audience another chance to be imprinted with your story.

This not a marketing trick, or a clever PR stunt. The narrative is surrounded by a world of media that we create and every piece of media adds to that narrative. The story is enhanced and told in little bits all over the media landscape. Every landscape has different inhabitants and once you know who your different audience participants are you are able to focus your content at them and intercept them.

Interception is NOT mass emailing to a database. It can be a Facebook post, a poster campaign or whatever but you intercept the audience within their daily lives. Not obstruct them or try and lock them into a “community”. The imprints you make along the way is what contributes to the interest in your project.

The best example I can offer right now is from Cape Town artist Lance Herman. His project (granted by the Gordon Institute) is a website, live shows, album, art work, novel and and and. Even the website is a made up of fragments and as the year continues these fragments will filter through to different audiences. By the end of the year each fragment may seem arbitrary on its own but when you stand back for a moment you will see the whole picture, Eliezer will become clear. All along one of those fragments would have interested a single person, touching something that excites them. Have a look at the BLOG and consider what he is doing here.

When you see a broken piece of ceramic is is just that but stand back and see all the broken bits the picture becomes clear. With a film we can create a similar feeling, drawing audiences in by offering interesting, maybe even eclectic pieces of media that spark curiosity, and when you have them it is up to you to keep them. Continually adding media, building your picture one small tile at a time.

Isn’t that just rad.