You may or may not know that I’ve been working on a script for the lasts months. Along with Beer and Marc we got a solid draft out and sent it to script writers, script editors and directors. Not being able to pay people for their time seemed to be the biggest hinderance in this process because everyone is well, busy and don’t have three to five hours to spend on reading a script that has nothing to do with their career or mission. So we waited. Finally some feedback has been coming through and we are pleasantly surprised to find that it has mostly been positive. The structure is solid, characters are interesting and the story is compelling.

Wow, thats cool. However something that did seem to come from everyone is that we are not exploring our characters enough. When I started probing this comment I found that we had, as writers, done the leg work for the characters but we had not included those narratives in the actual script. Ok, that is good to know and now we can improve!

Working today on the next draft and looking at how and where we can improve the moments of character development I see the story changing drastically. It is indeed true that the characters drive the narrative forward and as you delve into their personal success and failure the story is altered. Quickly I start to look for easy way to fix it, bash out a scene here, add some dialogue there but alas. This my friends is script writing. Painful, time consuming and never ending.

As much as I look forward to reading my next draft I am deeply struck with the amount of energy I need to complete this next draft. Wish us luck for the process is grinding!

And just for fun, here is a 5 pages from the script for your reading pleasure.