Give Waldemar Coetsee half a chance and he’ll build a castle from sticks - He got the name Wolwemar on Wolwedans in die Skemer and the legends goes that he built the entire Hotel from paper-mache that he chewed himself - true story.

The production design on Wolwedans was incredible - the attention to detail and overall design took a lot of work and nobody on the team ever bitched or moaned once - not once. They tirelessly built sets in forests and designed rooms to fit the model constructs we had decided on.

In prep Wolwemar (as we like to call him) and I decided on three colours; blue, yellow and green as our primary design colours. This theme had to be pulled through every aspect of design, make-up and wardrobe included. Sets where painted and dressed in order to sustain this world we had created, even back-ground colours where considered and executed. This normally takes a pile of money to do, unless you have the Noir collective at the helm of your design. The passion that goes into every shot is remarkable and the result is exquisite.

This is the first time I have seen the team solidify themselves as a collective and I hope this step brings them the rewards that they deserve!

Check-out their facebook page HERE, like and hire these peeps - you WONT regret.