We all want to do our bit to “live greener” and not spend money on unnecessary things. One of those things for me is PRINTING. yes, its true. When I was working as a 1st AD there is a lot of printing that happens that I feel is VERY wasteful. Surely in this day of tech and APP’s and Pads there should be an easier way to communicate and plan a production.

I have used the EP scheduling APP and its a great start. Here is another great APP that will allow you to get that one step closer to complete digital production planning.

From /Film

Shot Lister allows you to create a one-liner that has all the necessary information plus the ability to manage and adjust the schedule on the fly right from your iOS device. After inputting the shoot information into the app (either on the device or by importing from free template), you can then schedule out each day.

Not only do you schedule the order in which scenes are shot, but also the specific shots in each scene. You can then add the estimated time it would take for each shot and Shot LIster will let you know if you have enough time for what is scheduled.

As the shoot day progresses, you can check off the shots and scenes completed and the App will tell you if you’re ahead of or behind schedule. This is remarkably important as it allows you to make necessary adjustments as needed to make the day. This feature alone is worth more than the cost of the entire app.

One thing I would love to see added to this app is the ability for other crew members to see a read-only version of a schedule and be noti?ed of any changes that are made. Further, if crew could indicate that they have seen the change through the app, which would then be passed back to the AD’s, the AD department would then know who has or hasn’t been informed of schedule changes.”

Find out more on their SITE, you can download in ITUNES.