So yes, I have been a busy director… “all work which is play makes Jozua a happy boy.” A quick visual update to what I have been doing.

Here is my debut feature trailer. The film will be showing at the Silverskerm Film Fees in Cape Town 4 Sept at The Bay hotel!! This is the “World premiere”
The Wolwedans in die Skemer radio show has just started this week on RSG and the novel is also on the shelves

Then I just finished a TV show called “Getroud met Rugby”.. I wrote about this before.. Here are some of the previews that show on TV… It is again the channels most popular show!!

Here is my DP, Adam Bentel, shooting a shot on the F3. We shot the entire show (13 episodes 48min each) with 1 camera and 2 lenses - 16-50mm 2‘8 and a 85mm 2‘8 - mostly we used the front end of the zoom lens preferring the 18-32mm frame.

Because we where on budget and on time my line producer, the incredible Lucia Meyer gave me the opportunity to shoot on steady-cam. This is for EP 6. I combined 10 scenes into one shot which lasted 5min35sec. My first steady-cam!! James Frater was the operator, you will hear Adam comment on the vid. I just rec the shot from my Iphone so not to give it away completely!!

Finally I also got to shoot a music video with the character Cornia & Botha as a duet that call themselves DIE VRAAG. we have 27 000 hits so far. MSN.com put us on their home page and the track has gone viral. it was fun to do!


Thats about that for now. If you have any tech questions or feedback - cool!