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    Namibia in Colour

    Going through the desert in six days with a 4x4 shooting on various film types from 100 slide to expired Kodak 200. Ultimately the selection comes out of what survived a development nightmare and in turn looks and feels like a dream.

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    Study White

    This is a collection in a study of white…. Whether it be over exposing or just colour design… There’s still space to grow in the concept. So for now.

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    Hillbrow, JHB

    I went on a Peace March against Xenophobic Violence in South Africa. This is a collection recording this event.

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    50mm lens. Portraits of people i Love and of People i have never met. i hope to build this album with many more.

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    This collection features people in a story. There’s a single mom who is trying to help a patron and settle her son on new years eve, there’s a man with his motorbike in a very proud moment, Sitting at a traffic jam with a police woman trying to assume control, a panty thrown on to a stage at a ZinkPlaat gig. some stories are evident, others more subtle, life is story.

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    My favorite funk-hop soul electro musician DeepFriedMan asked me to take some portfolio pics for him. This is what I got.

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    In order for a gig to happen you need people, these people are fans, this is them.

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    Live Music

    I believe live music has magic. I love trying to capture this magic with my camera, these are some of my live music collection from varios gigs including Metallica, Fat Boy Slim, Lark and ZinkPlaat.