This is a music video I shot with a cell phone. The compression to web breaks up the picture pretty bad but great song. It was a trip going into town at dawn and interacting with so many people randomly. Some ladies danced with us and others wanted to destroy the camera phone, we got escorted out of a couple of public areas. Rad morning, fun video.

Being able to shoot a music video on a cell phone is amazing. Its amazing for a couple of reasons; 1)The democracy of digital, 2)the ease of distribution and 3)reshaping ideas on what film/video making is.

1)The democracy of digital is simply put, anyone can play. If you own a cell phone you are now able to make a video. This does not mean that its going to be great but if you make 100 of them I promise they will get better. By democratization people who call themselves film makers now really have to keep that quality bar high, simply because if you don’t a guy with a phone will get your job. Its tough getting tougher.

2)After we had finished shooting I simply dumped all the footage into my laptop. We had to play with the codec a bit in order to work with it in Final Cut Pro but there are so many conversion apps available for free that it just takes a little time. Once the edit was done export for web and voila. Now I can embed it, link it, mail it, post it and if I really want to I would be able to labor a process of bumping it up for TV. We shot at 640x480 which wont look great on TV but is is do-able and that for me is the point!

3)So now, considering a couple of years ago what was or more to the point what wasn’t possible, we need to accept that our landscape is changing. We are heading toward a new dawn, the next 100 years of film making is going to as exciting as the last because we have found a new medium to make our art. There is going to be innovation, incompetence, cynicism but ultimately a new culture and ethos…that’s exciting!