September 2009

My Backyard

Photo by JONX

If you’ve been following my twitter feed over the last few days you would have read about the trials and tribulations of the My Backyard set. Director Ari Kruger wrote this script three months ago and it is a great South African short film. The themes and characters are exemplary of SA and the execution is super creative and interesting. I wanted to part of this film in any way and got my in as 1st AD. Three days shoot, 15page script and 90% green screen. The crew where all fantastic, no ego, team players and because of that we got all the shots and it looks beautiful. The casting was great and every actor brought something interesting and original. I am sure this film is going to do super well at festivals so keep an eye out.

Here as a teaser is a script excerpt and you can check out my Flickr account to see the awesome behind the scenes that Jonx shot.

INT Airplane Cabin - DAY

Inside the cabin he is greeted by an extravagant dinner party. Zach recognizes the people at the table as his family from Australia. They are all sitting behind the one side of the table like a panel of judges. His uncle SEARLE and auntie BEVERLY are sitting in the middle of the table and on either side of them are two of his COUSINS. The table is filled with wine bottles and delicious food. An AIR HOSTESS passes by as her drinks trolley clinks quietly.


(mixed south african and aussie accent)

Zach is that you bru? Come sit here mate.


Uncle Searle. Auntie Bev. How are you guys?


Take a seat there Zach.

Zach sits down on a suitcase in front of the table.


When are you coming to live in Australia already? Things work here. And you know what else? No blacks.


Ah, I don’t know Searle. I’m pretty happy where I am at the moment.


Nah mate. You’re wasting your time over there. South Africa’s fucked.

Two Cousin’s


He’s wasting his time over there.

Other Two Cousin’s

His country’s fucked.


No no, it’s not so bad. I’ve got a really good life in Cape Town.


You know we’ve got a South African shop. You can get anything here that you can get over there. Like Tex, biltong and zoo biscuits.



Tex! Biltong! Zoo biscuits!

Zach stands in shock.


Look guys. Seriously. I’m cool.

His family quietens down and they look at each other disapprovingly. Suddenly Searle lunges at Zach, grabbing him by his shirt and pressing his face to his.


Come live here! For fucks sakes, what’s wrong with you?

Searles’ rage quickly turns into desperation.

The Air hostess stops her trolley behind Searle and issues a fine using her hand computer.

Air hostess

Calm down sir. Please take your seat. That’ll be a fifty dollar fine.

Suddenly the aeroplane starts shaking. The PING for the seat belt sign comes on and we hear the captain’s voice over the intercom.


Take your seats please.

The plane slants to one side as everything on the table begins sliding off. Zach loses his balance and begins tumbling down the aeroplane. He bursts through the door of the cockpit and lands in a double bed.


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Small budgets, smart ideas

This little project was was done in one day with no money!! what a surprise when you get the brief ‘we want something exciting adn fresh that brings across the heart of the project. By the way, we have no money and delivery in 48hrs. Happy shooting” Luckily they gave us the VO script to work form. I had been watching some music videos a couple of nights ago and saw a great line drawing video. Using a single line as the central concept made the rest easy. Padraic O Meara did the drawing and we brainstormed the elements together. I shot and directed the video and was super happy with the outcome!

I hope you enjoy it.

The DAD Fund from Jozua Malherbe on Vimeo.