Avontoer 5

In December 2010 I went on my second Avontoer. 100 fans, 10 bands, 2 busses, 7 days non-stop party. It was rough, real and unrelenting. By day two the 100 people become a living organism working off each others ebb and flow of energy. We swam in various dams, rivers, oceans and dodgy showers. Drank whatever was on offer and slept wherever we fell down. When we arrived back home it felt like a metamorphosis had taken place and home was now the foreign city. These writings where done through-out the tour and I was reading Naked Lunch at the time. The inspiration is obvious, the imagery is unique.

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Uboentoer 2

After the Avontoer I went on another tour with DPK. The tour was titled “Ubuntoer: Rock Against Racism”. On the tour I took photos again and also shot video. Asking people about what they thought of the tour title and then the subject itself: Rocking against Racism. Considering this tour is organized by Afrikaans Stellenboch students I thought that it was quite a movement forward from the previous Apartheid rulers…..so to speak. Being Afrikaans myself I was interrested in what or how others percieved this concept.

At the end of the day I heard mostly the same thing which is that economic divides and racist education perpetuated mostly by parents (both black and white) are mostly causes for violence. I do agree that ecenomics and education are a major cause for the violent state of our country. I am not sure that racism will be eradicated by equal ecenoomics how-ever. What will cause the death of racism is this tour and more like them. Changing peoples perceptions not only their wallet size.

The end of the clip is TJ from New Holland telling me about how he almost got mugged ten minutes before this interview.

Ubuntoer 2 - Rock Against Racism from Jozua Malherbe on Vimeo.

Avontoer Docci

go here to view all the clips RE “Die Tweede Avontoer”. you will see most of the clips are from my doccie.

When I went on the tour in December 2007 I realised this is special. I was there to make a documentary about this tour and about the “scene”. I took over 2000 photos (all 35mm film) and shot 15 DV tapes of footage. This was to become a four part, 24 minute documentary to be aired on MK Music channel entitled plainly “Avontoer Docci”

Before we actually had a budget or an exhibitor I cut a three minute trailer of the footage I had and we presented to MK. They liked the trailer and our zany ideas on what we wanted to achieve. They gave us R80 000 to produce the documentary in July 2008 for delivery in September 2008.

So here is the 3 minute trailer and then the refined 30 sec trailer that was used for promotion on MK.

I love this clip

After the documentary aired over September 2008, MK placed a bunch of clips on their website. Here you can view some of the zany animations and documentary snippets.

During writing the pitch for the Docci I thought it would be great to create an online magazine for the tour. The magazine would be filled with user content. People who went on the tour would provide stories, pictures and videos and so the project would grow.

Although I am not a designer I went ahead and created the first couple of pages just to show. This is where this project stopped unfortunately but the company went on to make a site for the tour that worked better for the purpose of creating memoir for the tour. You’ll find the link at the bottom of this inset.


I’ve attached a lot of links of other writers, bloggers, photographers and the musicians involved on the tour in the spirit of Ubuntu.

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