Beautiful Struggle was a project Big Eyed Deer partners Regardt and Pardaic found. As we where networking looking for scripts we found Mlamli Figlan, the co-author of the book Beautiful Struggle. The book filled with captivating photos by Per Englund enticed us to turn the theme of this book into a documentary.

Gugulethu is a township on the outskirts of Cape Town. A large shanty town with mass poverty and little education, it is a place that breeds crime. Through all this however the young generations of Gug’s are focusing on lifestyle and choice. Beautiful struggle will captivate your imagination as we enter this unexplored territory of fashion, music and life inside the heart of Gugulethu.

This film was shot by following some residents into Gugulethu on a Friday night to join them at a party at Mzoli’s.

Beautiful Struggle

Project Plot:

The townships of Cape Town burst with creativity. They are the place where traditional African culture meets global youth cultures. Hip-hop has reached South Africa and is reinterpreted according to local conditions. Styles in fashion, dance and music are a way out of poverty. For the first time this fascinating street culture is presented outside South Africa. Tomorrow’s global subcultures are born in the big cities of the Third World.

This project is one I would like to pursue. Our total budget would be $20 000 for a 55min documentary.