What is Eurafrica:

Eurafrica is a live performance piece with a twisted, satirical storyline.

Aida and Gwen considered leaving South Africa , but Europe is very cold and they only have South African passports. They have decided to mobilize ‘their people’ towards the formation of ‘Eurafrica’, a small, self-styled kingdom on the top of Table Mountain. In ‘Eurafrica’ citizens are non-discriminatory – everyone is welcome! As long as they subscribe to European values. Essential benefits would be the glorious Cape climate and first-world department stores.

I had worked with Sarah and Lucy in our graduate year of film school where we won best live performance that year for a play called Magdelene in Wonderland.

Eurafrica went on to win the distinguished Fleur De Cap Peoples choice award 2008.

I was able to raise R10 000 from BASA which paid for our tour to Grahamstown Festival. After Grahamstown the girls set of to Edinburgh for 4 weeks. Every where the play went it made a scene with great reviews to follow. With the help of our earlier venues like The Albert Hall Eurafrica got of to a great start.

I must also thank Ilana Wetzler for her tremendous input, creativity and knowledge about the play world and being able to market the hell out of something! Ilana later took over as producer when I moved to Johannesburg and the play did a long run in Cape Town thanks to her.

Although quite silly, this was a treat to shoot. The actresses playing in character while we shot the promo for their New Self Styled Kingdom on top of Table Mountain. Ilana an I did a day of questioning the ladies about their new kingdom and Sarah and Lucy improvised as we went. I took about 4 hours of footage and cut this together.

Eurafrica is:

Writer and Actors:
Lucy Heavens
Sarah-Jane Scott

Ilana Wetler

Jozua Malherbe

Daft, disastrous, devilishly funny and culturally fascinating. A madcap, merciless comedy romp sending up all things politically sacred in South Africa. Genuinely unhinged, gifted and hilarious duo.”
4 STARS. Rated ‘HOT SHOW’ at the Edinburgh Festival. Malcolm Jack, Scotsman

Razor sharp humour and lots of absurdity make this show so worth it. But what really is avant-garde and visionary about this piece is its honesty. Centuries ago they would have been burnt at the stake. Decades ago they would have been locked away in a prison for saying what they are saying on a stage. A play that could potentially change your perspective on life as we know it South Africa.”
Rafiek Mammon, The Next 48hours

“Eurafrica is an irreverent, rip-snorting satire that shoves a manicured middle-finger at quaint socio-political ideologies. It is a compelling palimpsest on which contemporary SA culture is rewritten in arsenic-laced humour and glorious absurdism. There is a tensile thread of manic energy running through the play, imbuing proceedings with a Monty Python-esque charm. The silliness is tempered with a multi-layered, politically reflexive script. Heavens and Scott deliver unwaveringly excellent performances. Eurafrica is a breath of fresh air…Sensitive viewers should … should … Aw, hell, sensitive viewers should go anyway and laugh their asses off.”
5 STARS. Zane Henry, Cape Argus


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