To shoot this film I went to my bank and got a credit card with a 10k limit. In the end we shot two movies with that, the other, Long Weekend, is still lost in post production hell. It was great fun working with fellow guerrillas to make this film happen. The location was a real drug den before we filmed there.The guy on the toilet is really puking. Mahees is really out there.

Mahees: The Dark Vigilante is a compilation of footage that tells the last days of Jason Croft and Susan Ross – two investigative journalists who find a story larger than either can handle.
The Plot
Jason Croft is a young film maker researching gangland violence, who is caught in the middle of an encounter between drug dealers and an urban vigilante. He is so inspired by the shadowy hero that he sets out to find him and document his actions. On the way he falls for a hotshot reporter, Susan Storm, whose own investigation into political corruption is putting her in terrible danger. Can they find the mythical Mahees? Can the corruption be exposed? And will his powers be enough to save a city in turmoil?