GMR S4 sounds like a car

I’m busy directing my first 13 part Television DRAMA called Getroud Met Rugby. Its a combination of “Saturday Night Lights”, “Footballers Wives” and “Dirty, sexy money”. Written by the prolific Deon Opperman, this show is now in its 4th season. I was lucky to have worked on Hartland last year and so got to meet Deon, the rest as they say is history.

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Avontoer 5

In December 2010 I went on my second Avontoer. 100 fans, 10 bands, 2 busses, 7 days non-stop party. It was rough, real and unrelenting. By day two the 100 people become a living organism working off each others ebb and flow of energy. We swam in various dams, rivers, oceans and dodgy showers. Drank whatever was on offer and slept wherever we fell down. When we arrived back home it felt like a metamorphosis had taken place and home was now the foreign city. These writings where done through-out the tour and I was reading Naked Lunch at the time. The inspiration is obvious, the imagery is unique.

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Conversations with the Natives.

This is the first from video series called Conversations with the Natives. Andrew Spitz and Wolgang Muller are collaborators.

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Robot Mashup

My latest Mash-up about Robots. It was great to work with Richard Lackey again.

A video about Robots. The future is now.

One Minute To Save The World Final

So we finished our One Minute To Save The World video which was Directed by Louw Venter. We shot on the RED ONE and got sponsorship from Take2 Films, Waterfront Post as well as Red Light Studios. The Sandbox Collective (Justine Soloman, Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat, Louw Venter and myself) produced this piece.

We got into the finals and although we didn’t win a prize the film is still going to be shown in Copenhagen at the World Climate Change Summit! Oh YES!

Here is the final product, it rocks…

Thanks to:
Carl and Christian (DOP & Camera Assist)
Dan (becoming super-self on his first film shoot)
Willem (Editing and Final Mix)

This small team pulled off a fabulous feat adn the proof is in the pudding…..

My Backyard

Photo by JONX

If you’ve been following my twitter feed over the last few days you would have read about the trials and tribulations of the My Backyard set. Director Ari Kruger wrote this script three months ago and it is a great South African short film. The themes and characters are exemplary of SA and the execution is super creative and interesting. I wanted to part of this film in any way and got my in as 1st AD. Three days shoot, 15page script and 90% green screen. The crew where all fantastic, no ego, team players and because of that we got all the shots and it looks beautiful. The casting was great and every actor brought something interesting and original. I am sure this film is going to do super well at festivals so keep an eye out.

Here as a teaser is a script excerpt and you can check out my Flickr account to see the awesome behind the scenes that Jonx shot.

INT Airplane Cabin - DAY

Inside the cabin he is greeted by an extravagant dinner party. Zach recognizes the people at the table as his family from Australia. They are all sitting behind the one side of the table like a panel of judges. His uncle SEARLE and auntie BEVERLY are sitting in the middle of the table and on either side of them are two of his COUSINS. The table is filled with wine bottles and delicious food. An AIR HOSTESS passes by as her drinks trolley clinks quietly.


(mixed south african and aussie accent)

Zach is that you bru? Come sit here mate.


Uncle Searle. Auntie Bev. How are you guys?


Take a seat there Zach.

Zach sits down on a suitcase in front of the table.


When are you coming to live in Australia already? Things work here. And you know what else? No blacks.


Ah, I don’t know Searle. I’m pretty happy where I am at the moment.


Nah mate. You’re wasting your time over there. South Africa’s fucked.

Two Cousin’s


He’s wasting his time over there.

Other Two Cousin’s

His country’s fucked.


No no, it’s not so bad. I’ve got a really good life in Cape Town.


You know we’ve got a South African shop. You can get anything here that you can get over there. Like Tex, biltong and zoo biscuits.



Tex! Biltong! Zoo biscuits!

Zach stands in shock.


Look guys. Seriously. I’m cool.

His family quietens down and they look at each other disapprovingly. Suddenly Searle lunges at Zach, grabbing him by his shirt and pressing his face to his.


Come live here! For fucks sakes, what’s wrong with you?

Searles’ rage quickly turns into desperation.

The Air hostess stops her trolley behind Searle and issues a fine using her hand computer.

Air hostess

Calm down sir. Please take your seat. That’ll be a fifty dollar fine.

Suddenly the aeroplane starts shaking. The PING for the seat belt sign comes on and we hear the captain’s voice over the intercom.


Take your seats please.

The plane slants to one side as everything on the table begins sliding off. Zach loses his balance and begins tumbling down the aeroplane. He bursts through the door of the cockpit and lands in a double bed.


Any Comments? DO IT!

Small budgets, smart ideas

This little project was was done in one day with no money!! what a surprise when you get the brief ‘we want something exciting adn fresh that brings across the heart of the project. By the way, we have no money and delivery in 48hrs. Happy shooting” Luckily they gave us the VO script to work form. I had been watching some music videos a couple of nights ago and saw a great line drawing video. Using a single line as the central concept made the rest easy. Padraic O Meara did the drawing and we brainstormed the elements together. I shot and directed the video and was super happy with the outcome!

I hope you enjoy it.

The DAD Fund from Jozua Malherbe on Vimeo.

The Forum Publicity

From our friends at SAMDB.


The Forum Goes Live


On Thursday night, 23 July, the Forum film community went live at Red Light Studios in Maitland with “The Changing Landscape”.
SAMDB had the privilege to attend this new film industry iniative.

The informative, thought provoking and heated discussions, were centered around exploring the changing landscape of film in South Africa and the potential to shift paradigms as filmmakers. The debate was also broadcast live on

The dynamic panel consisted of producer Zaheer Goodman Bhayat, Simon Hansen (Co-produced Alive in Joburg on which District 9 is based), Pam, CEO of Zoopy and director Hein de Vos. The evening was interactive, allowing the audience to discuss a variety of issues it faced. Catch selected video clips of “The Changing Landscape” on in the very near future.

Towards the end of the evening we sat riveted in our chairs for a screening of selected scenes from Hein De Vos’ Orgie. The subject matter is alive with drama, steamy scenes and brings home that actions have consequences. It is an Afrikaans film with English subtitles, allowing local Afrikaans talent to convey the film’s message from a place of truth. Keep a look out for “Orgie” and this up and coming director, Hein de Vos.
The Forum is based on the idea of gathering and sharing resources and ideas for the individual and the greater good of the South African film industry. “I guess it’s a bit like Ubuntu, and where does the idea of I-am-because-we-are play out more definitively than in the art of filmmaking?” (Louw Venter, Forum member)

We left feeling positive about the future of this ever growing industry and excited about the emerging talent and like minded individuals this country has to offer the future of film.

The next event will take place in late September, and The Forum would welcome your ideas and suggestions on what direction the next one should take. “The Forum is yours - please use it.” Comment on the site or email them at

Alps Shoot for Syncro Team Germany

I had the recent pleasure of working with my friend Daniel Franz again under the umbrella of his new company Bright-minds. Instead of being in Cape Town though, this time we where in the ALPS! For those who are used to the Kalahari, Fynbos and hot December summers like me, this is a treat! I never actually thought that I would make my way,with some cameras , 3500m above sea level and get to chill (no pun intended) on a glacier! Hoeraa!

The mission was however not all play. On a shoe-string budget we went to shoot a video for the German Synchro Ski team who last year won the world championship. This year the group have assembled a girls only team (the old team is mixed) and are now going to compete in both mixed and girls only categories! Daniel, myself and third camera Hanno went up with the teams to catch their final practices before another big competition.

We where up at 6.30 every morning (despite the raucous evenings that carried on until the wee hours of the morning) and on the slopes by 8.30. Followed by an early lunch at about 11.30 and then finish the shooting by 3.30. The slopes close at 4pm anyway and by this time we where all pretty tired and ready to retreat to our B&B for some dinner and well, whatever happens in the Alps stays in the Alps.

The team commissioned Bright-Minds to shoot and edit a 15min promo video for them to show investors, sponsors, friends and family. It’s a show and tell for the team and the people that they interact with. Along side this we thought we would also cut a little 30sec trailer for online purposes and shoot stills for their site. Thanks to Hanno and his Nikon I was able to take about 700 pics in total of which 40 made the final grade.

In Austria the teams split up between boys and girls and stayed at different locations. For reasons unbeknown to me, the camera crew ended up staying with the girls and oh what a joy. Lovely breakfast in the morning, always a little sweet thing in the kitchen..hmmm. It was a real pleasure. In the evenings everyone would have dinner together and share some beers and stories. One night I made a Braai (known as a BBQ in most other parts of the world but where I’m form we call it a Braai) which was a treat for me since by that stage I had been traveling for a couple of months and was missing my South African culture!

After thrashing out some ideas with Daniel we finally decided that we would keep the story about the skiing and pepper it with “day-in-the-life” style stuff. So here and there we shot people doing other things besides skiing and I think for the final product these inserts will be valuable.

Bright-minds also has a Smith Sunglasses sponsor so we got some great goggles and sunglasses for our trip. All that we had to offer in return are some photos and a place in the promo. Done!

We have not cut anything yet but the raw footage looks great. As we get further along I’ll post the vids with some technical specs for you. In the mean time, here are some of the stills images, unfortunately I’ve had to down res quite a bit in order to save space on my limited server. Let me know what you think and drop a line if you have any nice references for ski films that you enjoyed.


Ocean Basket, The Queen is Coming

This is a great commercial. Part of a series The Public Pool produced for Ocean Basket. Director, Craig Ferguson, later informed me that the commercial was nominated for an award. I produced the series and will find the other commercial for uploading. Enjoy…

Ocean Basket Commercial from Jozua Malherbe on Vimeo.